Memberships and Location

Membership Options

Unlimited Membership $120 (reoccurring monthly) 

Punch Cards (non reoccurring options, expires after 3 months)

10 visit $140 
15 visit $205
Drop-in $15


Which membership is right for me?

The reoccurring monthly membership grants you access to an unlimited number of classes each month. We recommend this option for anyone wanting to train 3 or more days a week on average. 

For the punch card options, you have 3 months to use all 10 or 15 visits and recommend this for anyone looking to supplement their current training. This option is also ideal for someone on a budget or looking to tryout CrossFit for 1 or 2 days a week.

Where do I find you?

2554 Woodson Road Overland, Missouri 63114

Where do I park?

There is ample street parking on both sides of Woodson Rd. Additionally, you can find free public parking marked by the yellow circles below.

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