CrossFit Classes

CrossFit is a fitness program composed of 3 definitive elements: constantly varied functional movements, executed at a high relative intensity. 


Class Schedule

Whether you need to get your workout in before work, after the morning rush of school drop offs, after work, or after dinner, we offer classes that fit most schedules.

Am I fit enough for CrossFit?

CrossFit is for everyone! Whether you have an athletic foundation or just starting your fitness journey, our coaches have the skills to help you meet your goals!

Elements of Wellness CrossFit Staff

"A CrossFit coach cares about strengthening your mind just as much as your body, and because a CrossFit coach's mission is rooted in service, odds are they'll be there to support you both in and outside of the gym" - courtesy of CrossFit, LLC

Kassie Boehm

Co-owner/Level 2 Trainer/Level 1 Precision Nutrition

With over 10 years of teaching experience and 6+ years as a coach, differentiation is a strong skill set. My creative problem-solving and empathetic nature will insure you get a safe and effective workout.

David Boehm

Co-owner/Level 1 Trainer

Prioritizing my health and wellness has made me a better husband, father, and person. Having started CrossFit in June of 2016, I have the skills to help others achieve a better lifestyle.

JC Kime

Coach/Level 1 Trainer

Lifelong athlete, career physical education teacher, and coach in CrossFit and other high school sports

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